Men throw their heads away from the car to the car after the fire to burn the goods

Nanjing traffic police high-speed police brigade said
(The correspondent Liu Yue Zhu Derong reporter Wang Rong) sitting in the driver's seat on the smoke, pumping the cigarette butt easily thrown out of the window, the results of the cigarette butts into the rear compartment caused the fire burned goods, direct economic losses of more than 200,000 yuan The This is the month of 3 occurred in the often high speed on the scene of the tragedy. 13 o'clock that day, S38 often high-speed direction to Ma On Shan 220 kilometers, a Su D license truck suddenly caught fire. Nanjing high-speed eleven brigade police rushed to the scene quickly. Fire point is located in the truck placed cargo compartment, this time is the fire sky, smoke billowing. Soon, fire officers and men rushed to the scene, half an hour later, the fire was extinguished. Talking about the cause of the fire, a man claiming to surnamed Ma said he was sitting in the co-pilot seat, the vehicle driving, he opened the window to throw cigarette butts, unexpected cigarette holder fell in the cargo compartment, ignited the carton loaded goods Carton senior radiator all burned, direct economic losses of more than 20 million. Yesterday morning, the reporter went to the Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed Nanjing section interview found that similar to the window to throw a lot of people. Just over the toll station, a private car roared past the lane, a McDonald paper bag flew out from the window and fell on the middle lane. Then, a large truck passed, the paper bag was blown by the wheels to the roadside near the emergency stop, the bag of hamburgers, used napkins, chicken bones sprinkled one place. In the green belt outside the fence, everywhere can be seen all kinds of colorful garbage. Nanjing traffic police high-speed police brigade said that sometimes the garbage will seriously affect the highway traffic safety, such as plastic sheeting, if the wind blow to the windshield on the vehicle, the consequences could be disastrous. In this regard, the traffic police are increasing efforts to investigate and deal with. Zhou also told reporters that they have from the Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed Tangshan conservation and troubleshooting center learned that the Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed Nanjing section of the annual amount of 40 tons of waste, the basic are crossing the driver and passengers left. High speed because of the speed, some small garbage are likely to become a traffic safety hazard, the annual traffic police high-speed team will deal with dozens of garbage caused by traffic accidents. Traffic control department has been trying to solve this embarrassment. Traffic police high speed a brigade traffic police, the current patrol car are equipped with driving recorder, patrol traffic police to see someone litter will be video, and notify the front toll station to intercept, for the driver to throw items out of the window, fined 50 yuan, the car to the window throwing items, fined 20 yuan. If the truck in the high-speed road when the spill, drift carrier, the traffic police will impose a fine of 200 yuan on the driver. If the front of the motor vehicle throwing items lead to rear motor vehicle traffic accidents, the front of the vehicle to bear some responsibility.

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