Guangzhou 2-year-old girl was abused in her grandmother refused to plead guilty

Although Tongji mother Jiangmou and grandmother Liao said that there is no abuse of Tong Tong
Guangzhou Daily reported on September 25, only 2 years old Tong Tong (a pseudonym) to the medical rescue invalid death, the identification, Tong Tong suffered persistent abuse during his lifetime, the Department was abused to death. However, the face of Tong Tong's death, usually taking care of her grandmother was indifferent, claiming that "once did not play Tong Tong", the child's injury may be her walking instability caused by frequent wrestling. Reporters learned today, Guangzhou Huadu District Court held that Liao constitute a crime of abuse, sentenced her to two and a half years imprisonment. Liao Mou refused to accept the appeal, Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court found that although Liaomou insisted that there are child abuse, but this is clearly contrary to the facts confirmed by the evidence, because Tong Tong usually by Liao care, and Tong Tong's death Is due to continued by the abuse caused by Liao should be identified as the implementation of abuse, for this dismissed the appeal to maintain the original verdict. Incident: the doctor found the girl died suspicious alarm August 8, 2013 11 pm, a 2-year-old girl girl was sent to Huadu District People's Hospital. At that time, Tong Tong's heartbeat and breathing have been stopped, the body cold, died by the rescue. So that the children involved in the rescue of the surgeon Longmou was surprised that in the rescue process, Tong Tong's mother and grandmother Liao expression is more indifferent, if nothing had happened, the average child's parents to see their children something will be nervous, And a colleague suspected, and they found that Tong Tong's right cheek with ecchymosis and abrasions, double upper eyelid also have ecchymosis, ask parents reasons, Liao said that Tong Tong is a fall, but said no It is clear when the fall. Longmou think Tong Tong family attitude and Tong Tong physical condition are suspicious, for which he quickly call the police. Identification: the girls were abused to death after receiving the alarm, Huadu District forensic staff Lee test found that children who have multiple injuries, head and face heavier, the trunk can be seen many new injuries and old injury to wipe Injury-based, limbs can also see multiple abrasions. Moreover, Tong Tong facial swelling, skin damage and scalp can be seen scattered scattered in many places, in line with the role of the formation of many times the role of the blunt child, this child's own child's own bumps fall less likely, he suggested by the Sun Yat-sen University forensic Cause of death. According to the Sun Yat-sen University forensic center staff Liu testimony shows that the identification of children's body damage is caused by abuse, because the child's body damage is caused by the role of blunt body, surface abrasions and bruises old and new , Consistent with the role of many times due to blunt, especially the top of the scalp soft tissue injury is difficult to use their own bumps to explain, and Tong Tong body weight loss, histological examination was anemic, indicating poor nutrition. Sun Yat-sen University forensic identification center staff after the identification of Luomou also think that from the damage characteristics, the child child to meet the characteristics of abuse of injury, wrestling, knock alone can not explain, its malnutrition and anemia should be more in line with long-term nutritional intake is not enough , Feeding can not keep up. Question: Who is the child who abuse? What is the abuse of two-year-old boy? According to Tongzi more than family members testimony shows that Tong Tong parents have divorced, the court sentenced Tong Tong mother Zhuju raise, because Jiangmou usually go outside to work, so the child Tongliao Liao a substitute for care. 1, Tong Tong father: the child by his time with a good body did not often wrestling Tong Tong's father Zhou said he and Tong Tong mother Jiangmou registered in March 2010 married, born in January 2011 Tong Tong, Tong Child born after he and his mother to take care of during the boy's physical condition is very good, even the cold are very few, normal physical development. In March 2013, he and Jiangmou because of feelings of divorce, he decided by the court to the girl Tong Tong raised by Chiang, and gave Jiang more than 50,000 support. Zhou said that in the Tong Tong to Jiangmou before, Tong Tong does not exist in the poor balance of the situation, there is no frequent wrestling, he basically did not play Tong Tong, but sometimes the child is naughty, and will use the palm Gently take her ass, and in the Tong Tong left him, who did not bruise or scratches and other scars. 2, Tongji mother: child walking instability wrestling without abuse beat the boy Tong Tong's mother Jiangmou said that by the end of April 2013, she took Tong Tong to Guangzhou Huadu and their parents live, the father in Guangzhou to do the building, not Often go home, and she usually also in the handbag factory odd jobs, work will Tong Tong to the mother Liao a care. Jiangmou claimed that Tong Tong childhood is very noisy, crying, temper boring, walking is very uneven often wrestling, when the first came to Huadu, always like to eat when hungry, and only head down to eat, but also Not pickling and meat to eat, and later began to picky eaters, the child was very thin before, and now fat a lot. Jiang Mou said that she and her mother Liao "very good care of the Tong Tong, no abuse and beating Tong Tong, are a mild attitude towards the child," the mother only Tong Tong a granddaughter, very loving children, as children Of the injury, Jiangmou said it is not clear how the matter, that is the child caused by their own fall, the children often wrestling, and the injury is not serious, so no special attention. 3, Tong Tong grandfather: see the child is not much time to clear According to Tong Tong's testimony, he saw the child's time is not much, the specific situation is not clear, the child is a full-time wife to help look after his wife, usually did not and relatives , With the neighbors have little communication. However, Tong Tong usually physical condition in general, and occasionally a cold, walking feet seem more rigid, so it is easy to fall. 4, the neighbors: the child had just moved when the normal normal no injuries, according to neighbors Shimou said, Tong Tong had to live when the flowers are white and fat, usually see Tong Tong out to play, the mother will immediately hold She goes back. In the evening of August 2013, he heard Tong Tong crying at home very badly, after seeing Tong Tong himself come out, forehead and left face are injured, are about a few days of scars, which is the last time Shimou see To Tong Tong. Neighbors Zhang also said that Tong Tong had just moved, looks like a very normal child, did not see any injuries to her, after rarely seen Tong Tong, Tong Tong home are usually closed the door, nor And neighbors greet. Grandmother: the whole family have a good child did not play a child the day of the incident, what happened in the boy's body? According to Tong Tong grandmother Liao confession, the day before the incident, she and her daughter and Tong Tong are rented in the house, when she was outside the clothes, Tong Tong playing in the house, when she finished clothes back to the house After the daughter said Tong Tong in the toilet door fell. At that time, Liaomou medication to Tong Tongfu wound, and then Tong Tong to the rental door to play, but also in the rental door fell, these two wrestling have caused Tong Tong face scratches, but they did not find Tong Tong other parts of the injury, after the Tong Tong also no exception. To the incident 5 pm the same day, Tong Tong is very noisy, but also refused to eat, 10 o'clock that night, Tong Tong is still crying, she and her daughter will go to the hospital with Tong Tong, but the way to spend a taxi A long time later came to the hospital after the doctor rescued for a period of time that Tong Tong has died. Liao Mou stressed that "I have not played Tong Tong once, do not know how she was caused by the injury before birth," As for the Tongji ass on the scars, Liao explained that the child is more severe anemia, sitting for a long time On the ground, for this buttocks on the silt is also normal. Liao said that Tong Tong just came with her life, she found the child's physical condition is very poor, "weak physique, often walking are unstable, it is easy to wrestle", but did not take the child to see the doctor, because the child and Her life is not long, plus her and her daughter thought that the child can slowly nursed back to health, so never took the children to the hospital. Liao Mou confession, although the boy is usually disobedient, very naughty, "but the whole family is very good to her, no abuse and beating her." And the child after the divorce, never seen children, even the phone None of them. Judgment: grandmother confession and facts contrary to the crime of embezzlement Huadu court after the first instance found that around April 2013, Liao Mou in the rental service to the granddaughter of girls in the process, the use of beating, sick, not treatment, such as treatment of children Child abuse, resulting in child child death. The court held that Liaomou disregarded the national law, abused the family members, and caused the death of Tong Tong, its behavior has constituted a crime of abuse, for which the sentence was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months. After the verdict, Liao Mou disagreed with the appeal, she argued that there is no abuse of Tong Tong's subjective intentions, there is no direct evidence to prove that she has committed the implementation of abuse, for the second instance to plead guilty plea not established. Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court after the second trial that, combined with witnesses Lee, Liu, Luomou testimony content, to determine the child's child was ill, death and abuse directly related. According to witnesses Shi Mou, Zhang, Jiang Mou and others testimony and Liaomou confession, can be identified before the incident Liao Mou and his daughter Jiangmou, Tong Tong common living life, Tong Tong usually mainly by Liao care. Although the boy's mother Jiangmou and grandmother Liao said that there is no abuse of Tong Tong, but the two this statement is clearly contrary to the facts confirmed by the evidence. The evidence in this case is sufficient to confirm the child boy is abused to death, because Tong Tong usually by Liao care, and Tong Tong's death is sustained over a period of time caused by abuse, this is determined to be a perpetrator of abuse, Dismiss the appeal and uphold the original judgment.

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